ICDDA 24' Completed

Eklenme Tarihi 25.04.2024

The sixth Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence and Aerospace (ICDDA) event, which was previously held in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022, was held at ATO Congresium in Ankara between 17-19 April 2024 with the support of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defence, the Secreteriat of Defence Industries and the Ministry of Trade, and under the organisation of OSTİM Defence and Aerospace Cluster (OSSA).

ICDDA brought together main industry and SME companies operating in the fields of military and civilian, defence, aerospace and space to find new markets, seize business opportunities and establish business partnerships. At ICDDA, which is a highly effective and reputable organisation, bilateral business meetings, conferences and seminars were held in order to reveal target countries with unique needs and opportunities, and to transform potential cooperation opportunities in the defence and aerospace sectors into concrete steps.

At ICDDA 2024, manufacturers and service provider SMEs had the opportunity to present their specialised capabilities in the civil and military fields through planned bilateral business meetings with (OEM), 1st and 2nd level suppliers and procurement and supply chain officials of relevant institutions from both Turkey and many countries around the world. 

A total of over 8,000 registered B2B business meetings were held at the event. Cooperation meetings were held between Turkish companies and companies and institutions of participating countries from America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

While the first day of the event started with opening speeches, conferences on ‘THE PLACE OF SMES IN THE INTERNATIONAL AVIATION and SPACE SECTOR’ and ‘THE IMPACT OF SUPPLY CHAIN METHOD ON EXPORTS FOR SUSTAINABILITY’ were organised. The conferences were attended by military, defence and commercial attachés of many countries in Turkey, public officials, end users and representatives of domestic and foreign companies.

On the second and third days of the event, workshops and B2b events continued.

As a result of the successful and effective bilateral business meetings held with the participation of supply chain and procurement officials from abroad, ICDDA was previously awarded the ‘Defence Industry Special Award’ in 2014 and the ‘Defence Industry Promotion’ special award in 2017 by the Presidency of Defence Industry.


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