ICDDA 24' Press Conference

Eklenme Tarihi 1.03.2024

An introductory meeting took place for the upcoming "6th Defense and Aviation Cooperation Days" event, which will be held at the ATO Congresium from April 17th to 19th, 2024. The meeting began with a presentation by OSSA Coordinator Mr. Semih Yiğit, followed by speeches from OSSA Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ibrahim Yarsan. Mr. Yarsan stated, "At OSSA, we strive to ensure that our SMEs establish a solid presence in the current world order."

Mr. Orhan Aydin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSTIM Organized Industrial Zone, stated that during their visit to Mexico ten years ago, which was initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries of the Republic of Turkiye, they were impressed by the cooperation program there and decided to implement a similar program in Turkiye and organized the event at OSTIM. Mr. Aydin continued to express his thoughts on the matter.

The Vice President of the Presidency of Defense Industries of the Republic of Turkey (PDI), Prof. Dr. İhsan Kaya, expressed his gratitude towards those who supported the organization's mission through various initiatives. During the event, Mr. Kaya highlighted the importance of industrial cooperation in defense and aerospace industries, stating that the participation of over 200 companies from 33 countries and the organization of approximately 5,400 one-on-one meetings in 2016 was a significant achievement. Looking ahead to the upcoming program in April, Mr. Kaya expressed his optimism that the statistics would be surpassed, and useful outcomes would be produced for both the PDI and the Turkish industry.

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